Sunday, August 20, 2006

Washing the Airplane

On a beautiful weekend when they happened to be repaving the runway (what kind of nimrod thought that up?) we decided that we really wanted to do something with the plane (aka "pet the airplane"). With a helpful suggestion from Mom (Lynne), we decided to wash the airplane.

Before the plane was washed it looked like this:

hoops&yoyo came along to help...

The belly of the plane was reallllly dirty...

Then, after we had cleaned up the whole airplane with special car soap, Christopher got back to snapping!

This is me beginning to wax the plane:

What a beautifully polished pedo-tube!

Christopher went a little crazy with goofy reflections...

At some point Lynne decided to wash her car, too!

Ahhh... the finished airplane...

(Christopher apologizes for the blurry pictures... the camera was not focused right)
We ate dinner on the water and
after that we went to Bengies Drive-In Movie Theater which is near Martin State Airport where we keep our plane.
It was a wonderful afternoon.

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